Dr Mary Santhanam

Dentist (GDC No: 271405)

Mary is a general Dentist, striving to provide her patients with the most comprehensive up to date treatments. It is her top priority to provide high quality, minimally invasive dental care to each individual patient respecting their individual goals and needs. Dr Mary offers state of the art treatments and provides treatments such as Dental implants, overall reconstruction of the smile and cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry is my passion, I insist in treating my patients with care and love to help them overcome their fear and feel comfortable while having their treatments; bringing back their confidence and at the same time being conservative in preserving their teeth with the utmost care. A smile is the door to each and everyone’s soul, it shows who we are and I aspire to help my patients display themselves with pride to the whole world with a bright shining and confident smile!

Dr Mary Santhanam, Dentist