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Dr Masoud Shahram


GDC No. : 250844

Masoud Shahram completed his PhD in Microbiology at Kings College London and went on to work for the national blood service for six years. He then went to Liverpool to study dentistry and since then, he has set about focusing on facial and dental aesthetics, and how the two disciplines can work together to produce incredible smiles.

Masoud Shahram’s (Maz) passion for anti-aging and non surgical cosmetic medicine becomes evident the moment the patient meets him. Maz has the ability to put the patient at ease, he helps them explore available options to achieve their aesthetic goals and makes sure the patient chooses the correct treatment to give them the best possible results.

We are just lucky to have him on our team!

I love to see people smile, just love it…..
A smile is the mirror of the soul.
It is a reflection of the character
that is inside of you.
It reflects exactly how you
feel about yourself.
It tells the world, “I am Happy”!
So, go ahead and smile.

Dr Masoud Shahram, Dentist