Dr Azim Sharbaf

Dentist (GDC No: 155887)

Azim obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS) from the international University of Copenhagen-Denmark in 2001.

Azim believes in the ‘law of attraction’ which simply means if you do good things to others good things will happen to you.

Azim is qualified to work with a variety of denture systems to deliver long lasting solutions to any cosmetic or denture problems. If dentures are required then flexible Valplast dentures are lightweight, have no visible wires or clasps and come with a life time guarantee against fracture.

He has an excellent manner with patients and is very patient and calm. This makes him perfect for dentistry and he particularly enjoys cosmetic work and creating healthy and confident smiles.

A very skilled and respected clinician!

I firmly believe in suggesting the least invasive cosmetic dental procedures possible to accomplish the best results, and I will practice the latest techniques to achieve that. I offer only what will give you a real benefit, one that is predictable and proven.
Mr Azim Sharbaf, Dentist